Under the Bodhi Tree

Why Work With Me?

My work is grounded in psychotherapeutic practice


Having worked as a psychotherapist for over a decade I am very well acquainted with the shadow parts of the self that create limitation in your life and contribute to the



and spiritual toxins

that give rise dissatisfaction, disconnection and unhappiness.  If you are interested in growth and expansion, then it is important that these aspects of yourself are NOT IGNORED,

otherwise they can and do wreak havoc in your life, and can ultimately SABOTAGE any progress you make towards that which you most desire,

One step forward, two steps back?

It is likely sabotage from your shadow self!

As a psychotherapist I have worked with the multiple and complex factors that get in the way of deep and enduring happiness and success in life – all of the psychological trip hazards that cause you to play out conditioning and programming and contribute to a life lived on


With this solid grounding in psychotherapeutic practice you can rely on the fact that my work will always be evidence based AND steeped in practical application

  • all of my work is cutting edge and truly transformational,


  • we know that my techniques work because we have SEEN them work for 1000’s of people whose lives have been transformed because they have DONE THIS WORK.


  • we know that this transformation is possible for you too!


Having supported 1000’s of people through a process of personal transformation, you can be confident that with any work that you do here Under the Bodhi Tree, you will be guided through a change process that is ORGANIC

  • there are no quick ‘fixes’ and knowing this, you will never be rushed,


  • enduring change takes time and a commitment, from you, to walk an entirely different path,


  • there is a process of change that looks much like an unfolding – the ‘ta da’ moment is actually a series of moments combined together to reveal the end result!


Having a therapeutic foundation for your personal growth allows this process to be healing AND truly transformative – allowing you to remove the inner blocks and barriers that have held you back and opening you up to expansion.

No need for them to remain hidden in the blind spot, no need for them to be denied or ignored!

With deep knowledge and experience in the therapeutic process, we can guide you to learn more about the shadow self AND help you learn how to work WITH it so that it no longer sabotages you in your life.

This is invaluable and will ensure that your growth process is as seamless, consistent and EMPOWERING as possible.

My work moves you to the next level


What is most important to you?

What are your strengths?

What are the conditions that will give rise to YOUR HAPPINESS?

These are questions that are rarely asked by therapists UNLESS they take a positive psychological view and see growth, happiness and flourishing as important parts of the life well-lived.

Certainly, we take them very ‘seriously’ here Under the Bodhi Tree,

and if you are reading this then I am sure that you do too!!

By taking an approach that considers HAPPINESS and FLOURISHING in the mix, we will take you to the next level in your life

Have a goal?

Have a mission?

Have a crusade?

We can help you walk the path of growth, expansion and evolution TOWARDS that which is most important to you – and this is WAY MORE than just being well, way more than just being happy, it really is all about

Being the BEST YOU that you can be,

Actualising to your full potential,

And then CONTRIBUTING all of your talents and strengths into the world so you can do your bit to make the world a better place!

No more hiding in the shadows.

I believe that this is what we are here to do – to work day by day, ever closer to being your best self and working more and more within your ‘Zone of Genius’, and because of this belief, I have spent the better part of my life cultivating an expansive, performance enhancement, coaching approach to my work.

This ensures that when you choose to work with us, we will help you move powerfully from where you are now, to where you WANT TO BE.

WHATEVER that is for you:

Health and fitness,

Career and business,


Lifestyle creation,

Wealth generation and financial freedom,

Community and philanthropy,

We CAN help you to achieve your goals, highest intentions, life purpose – if it is important to you -then we can help you focus, begin and continue your process of growth, expansion and transformation.

My work has a wonderful balance


I believe that there is a balance that can be achieved that BEST supports personal transformation -kind of like the delicate balance of life here on earth – it is neither too hot, nor too cold, and THIS is what allows life to flourish!

As it is with personal growth –

  • Having the right mix of shadow work so you can identify the blind spots and tripping hazards so you can work with them and keep on moving forward,




  • Having the right mix of achievement focus, goal orientation, intention setting and EXPANSION WORK,




  • Having the opportunity to weave between the two whenever needed, because there is nothing surer than growth and expansion work is TRIGGERING!


This is the wonderful balance that you will experience when you choose to work with us here Under the Bodhi Tree, and this comes about because we believe

  • That wholeness is the goal – you can’t achieve and be truly happy UNLESS you are working towards accepting all that you are,


  • That happiness, flourishing and LIFESTYLE are a decision – knowing all of the ‘shadowy bits’ and having strategies to manage them is NOT ENOUGH – you must choose to be happy and cultivate the lifestyle of your choice,


  • That we are in a constant state of flux and need different things at different times – sometimes we need the shoulder to cry on and at others we need the truth-teller/ accountability partner to TELL YOU HOW IT IS and guide you towards being your best you!


With many years of weaving seamlessly between both roles – therapist AND coach – you can be confident that your work here Under the Bodhi Tree will truly change you as a person and open you up to possibilities that you never even dreamed were possible.

This is a reality,

This is a possibility for you,

This is the choice that is now available to you.

My work NEVER comes from an Ivory Tower


One final note that is important for you to know is that whenever I speak, write, counsel, coach – that this is never coming from an Ivory Tower,

personal transformation is far more than an intellectual pursuit for me,

this is a path that I have walked myself,

In any way possible, I talk the talk, and walk the walk – and THIS I believe is an absolute MUST if you are looking for a mentor, guide, coach, transformation partner – there is FAR MORE to the process of growth than knowing the path,

to really be able to have anything of true value to offer, one must firstly walk the path, to then DEEPLY EMBODY the knowledge which then gets alchemised into gold!

Transformation is far less about what you are doing,

and much more about WHO YOU ARE BEING,

And so the final ingredient that gets thrown into the work that we do here Under the Bodhi Tree is that we share a common humanity – we are in this together – and I can best help you FIRST by being HUMAN myself and going through the process of transformation,

and this I have done for more than half of my life,

the personal growth journey that has truly transformed me as a person and now allows me to live a life that I literally did not know that I could have,

through depression, anxiety, fears of inadequacy, deficiency and hopelessness through to now living a life that I had NO IDEA was available to me.

This alchemical process is what I truly want to share,

this I know is available to you,

because I have done it myself, from a place where I didn’t know that I could, but I did.  So I KNOW that it can be done, and I invite you to join us here Under the Bodhi Tree to begin the adventure that is your own personal growth.

Truly the ONLY path worth taking to live a happy, fulfilled and meaningful life!