What level of consciousness created that!?

26 Sep, 2019

It is human nature to get caught up on the problems that we face in life,

We are hard wired with the marvelous mechanism called the negativity bias that allows us to notice all of the potential dangers in life,

And to fixate on them until such time as we no longer see them as a threat – either they have moved on or we no longer consider them to be a threat.

This is a survival mechanism that goes back to the days we wandered the African savannah, and has allowed us to SURVIVE,

But does it allow us to THRIVE?

It is a truth that we are wired for survival, not THRIVING; this was a luxury that was not afforded our ancestors where life was a lot less sanitized and the Earth considerably less terra-formed such that threat of death was a daily risk!

The interesting thing is that, until and unless we bring our awareness to these default positions,

the things that automatically arise from our nervous system AND everything that has been programmed into us from birth,

How to be,

Who to be,

What to focus on as important,

 then we will continue to operate from the most basic level of human experience which just so happens to be survival!

 It is a truth that this is ENOUGH!

 Most humans throughout time have lived with this survival consciousness and it has done humanity just fine thank you very much!

 It has allowed me to be here writing this,

 And it has allowed you to be here reading this!!

 So, we could certainly end here and say,

 Well that’s it then,

 And SOOOOO many people do exactly this – maybe not with awareness but certainly with how they act and show up in their life,

 Which is to say they remain passive observers of life and only become activated when their survival is threatened (which is interestingly A LOT if you consider the chronic anxiety that is on the rise for modern humans!).

 See, it is a truth that the next stage of evolution for humanity is a CONSCIOUS CHOICE,

We have evolved to be as we are now – sufficient to allow our species to survive – and so many people stop right here BECAUSE to do anything else means becoming CONSCIOUS!

 Which is to say that they need to WAKE UP FROM THE DREAM that has told them 

 Your survival is the most important thing,

 If anyone or anything threatens your survival it is OK to do whatever you like to defend and protect yourself,

 It is OK to do anything you like to ensure your survival which includes extracting, oppressing, exploiting all the resources that come into your field!

 I wonder if this is sounding familiar to you?

 I hope so because this is the current level of consciousness that most of humanity reside in,

 Some because they are LITERALLY in survival mode because of the geographical lottery of birth,

 But so many remain there because of,

 How can I say this kindly….????

 Because they are still asleep!! (and you can read between the lines here!)

 The next stage of our evolution is a CONSCIOUS CHOICE,

 One that asks us to put our own survival needs aside because they are an ILLUSION,

 You can test this yourself by asking the simple question of ‘what here in this moment is going to kill me!?’

 My guess is absolutely nothing (either that you are a total badass ninja who can read blog posts AND fend off life threatening attacks – go you!)

We so often mistake ego death (who you THINK you are) with real death!

Ego death is really an evolution of your identity that moves you closer to the truth of who you really are, and this rarely happens quietly!!  Egos are very noisy!

To evolve your identity to include the welfare of others, I am sure you will agree, is NOT DEATH – it just feels very threatening because we have come to believe that ‘if I don’t look after me, then who will!?’

And if we look around at the pathetic lot that humanity currently presents as, we can seemingly confirm to ourselves


and you might even feel very vindicated and return to your survival mode.

HOWEVER – there will be NO JOY FOR YOU if you do this,

because if you are looking to have your needs met by others, then you ARE likely to be exploited, used, oppressed because most are still operating in survival mode where these are the rules and this is OK! (??).

This is where so many people are, merely struggling to survive, so if you do this it is likely to only reinforce your need to focus on numero uno!

It is only when you consider

What level of consciousness created this!?

What level of consciousness created this very problem to begin with?

That you will start to see your answers…..

It is a level of consciousness that sees itself as separate.

A consciousness that sees separation rather unity,

where the reality is that there is no ‘one person’ here!

This is an illusion!

It is only when you wake up and DECIDE that you will evolve your own consciousness to unveil the truth of reality that you can move towards states of joy, true purpose and meaning,

Where instead of looking to humanity to serve you,

You are looking to serve humanity and do the work of your soul, in alignment with Divine Will.

This is where your life pivots TOWARDS that which we all truly desire,

A life where we are thriving, contributing and loving members of a community that are each cells in the one organism,

The one mind.

This is where you will serve at the deepest level,

This is where you will master the art of fulfillment,

This is where you will find your joy!

So consider the level of consciousness you will need to embody to take you to your next level, and invite that into your being NOW,

Who do you need to BE in order to bring forward that which you so deeply desire?

And invite in that level of consciousness right now and watch your life transform in the most magical ways!

Let’s get excited about what is going to happen next!

So much love to you,




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Disclaimer:  This information is in no way intended to replace psychological treatment should you be suffering from clinical depression and anxiety and be in need of personalised, individual therapy.  This information can be used as an adjunct to your therapy and you can feel free to raise it with your therapist should you have one.  If you are in any way suicidal, please contact your therapist or emergency support services.


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