What does it mean to be truly empowered?

12 Apr, 2019

I have been wondering lately about what it means to be truly empowered.

I see womyn experiencing fear and doubt,

Seeing their vision but not fully getting behind it,

Hesitating to take the leap of faith, to burn the boats as it were, because they question if what they have inside of them, the call from their soul, is truly wanted, desired or of value.

So they wait, the go half in, they dither, hoping that one day…..


I get to wondering, how is it that womyn make it this far in their process of awakening, to become the Damsel who has come out of the shadow enough to know that she is the true source of her success,

She knows that the knight in shining armour is a myth; at best a gilded cage, her, the canary stuck inside,

She knows that she gets to rescue herself in this life,

But this is the awakened Damsel who remains in the dappled light, afraid to be fully revealed, expressed and BEHIND the bringing forth of her vision!

This would mean full commitment;

This would mean that no other options are considered, or put another way, ‘failure’ is not an option;

This would mean a life devoted to the full embodiment of who she needs (gets) to be, in order to bring about the vision that is calling to her, to answer the longing in her heart…..

This is the Damsel who has awakened to the POSSIBILITY,

She knows that it is possible, but she continues to question if it is possible FOR HER!

She can see examples of womyn who have done this, and so she knows of the wonders that await her, but she remains unsure of her own path.

If she were to be really honest, she would admit that she is not sure if she has got what it takes within HER to do it –

Can she really be that daring and dance to the beat of her own drum?

Is her medicine really needed in the world?

Would anyone really miss her if she just hid behind this tree for a lifetime; to remain the observer to the true miracle of a life lived at the edge of creativity?

Until these questions are answered with an emphatic and sacred YES, there will be ambivalence, inner turmoil, confusion, delay.

No doubt there will also be frustration, most likely with the self, because when the vision calls to you in this way, there is an inner knowing that every day is an opportunity to move one step closer to the realisation of that vision,

So if you delay,

If you hesitate,

What gets lost?


But we could, perhaps, be a little more disciplined with our questioning and turn these questions around to be more of an upward cycle:

What does it mean to be truly empowered, and how can empowerment be a truth for you?

How do you get to feel, deep in your bones, that you have the POWER to bring forward your vision, no matter what the external circumstances?

What allows you to come off the sidelines, to give yourself full permission to come off ‘the bench’, and to make the full commitment to bringing your vision forward into reality – bringing the formless into form,

After-all, you might remind yourself, everything that has ever been created, started first as an idea…..


And so we arrive at the process,

in reality a process of initiation,

an entry point that is on offer to us all into new ways of being in the world that allow you to become a co-creator with the universe…..

And when you have been through this (ok, be honest here Toni-Anne) gruelling rite of passage, the age-old process that allows the Damsel to become an initiate:

When you have made it through the deep, dark woods, confronting your deepest fears,

When you have heeded the call of your vision, and taken it seriously enough to take action,

When you have ‘tested your mettle’ and experienced mediocre results – aghhh the shame of not meeting your own expectations – but PERSISTED knowing that what is inside of you is valid, valuable, visionary!!

It is then that you enter into a new way of being in the world,

You have entered the forest and you are now coming back with SOUL FIRE – the very light that you need to realise your ultimate vision and be of service to the world;

Where you have become ‘the one’ who can hold the space for the vision realised,

Where you can tolerate receiving what you desire (yes this is a real challenge!!),

Where you now know what you are capable of because you have DONE IT, and not only survived, but come out on the other side with something that we all deeply crave – WISDOM!

And this is the kind of wisdom that knows the truth about you and your power,

The truth that your power can never be taken, only given away

And when this kind of wisdom is in your bones, when it has become your embodied truth, then woe betide anyone who stands in the way!!

True empowerment arises from the knowledge that you can do it,

because you HAVE DONE IT,

and you awaken to the fact that empowerment is something that you have EARNED!

Empowerment is an outcome of your courageous actions – action in the face of fear – there is no way around this, we can only ever go through,

And the rewards……

Can’t you just hear your vision celebrating the thought of what is now possible for you??!!


Have an amazing day as you walk moment by moment, in harmony with your vision





PS: Please share along to your visionary, purpose driven, soulcentric kindred, it is always appreciated!!


Disclaimer:  This information is in no way intended to replace psychological treatment should you be suffering from clinical depression and anxiety and be in need of personalised, individual therapy.  This information can be used as an adjunct to your therapy and you can feel free to raise it with your therapist should you have one.  If you are in any way suicidal, please contact your therapist or emergency support services.


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