Ultimate Soul Confidence

16 May, 2019

We all know that ‘loving yourself’ is the key to experiencing the great life.

We are well aware that before you can experience the love of anyone or anything else, including life itself, that self-love is a pre-condition,

but instead of self-love,

Many of us are taught anything but self-love, and in fact, the formula provided can at times result in the exact opposite of self-love!

This is particularly the case for women who are largely groomed from a very young age to be



Secondary, even in their own life.

This means that everyone else comes first,

Nothing good about you can be bought forward in a positive light or else you might get a big head,

and that everything that is important to you must be considered in light of how it will impact others, which includes your


your hearts longings,

your ultimate vision for your life.

There is the clear message that you need to love yourself to experience the greatness that is life but then the formula provided is often a recipe for something else entirely.

It is your LIVED EXPERIENCE that will tell you the success of the formula, but yet, we are also trained to distrust what we feel and know to be true, meaning that the intuitive radar can be going off in alarm, while you turn your head to ignore it!

No wonder bad decisions are made that undermine your confidence and leave you feeling



stuck and shut down.

Your gut may be screaming to you that you are not FULLY LIVING,

you INTUIT that something major is missing,

the heart and soul long for something more,

but when you are busy being who you think you SHOULD be, you are following the rules, you will listen to none of it (and hope that it goes away!).

Life may feel anything but fulfilling, and the reason why this is so can be very difficult to understand because you are swimming in messages that




the VERY THING you need to help you understand this crazy world we live in – your intuitive guidance system!

Your emotions, (how your intuition communicates with you), may be emphatically and unequivocally telling you that things are


that there is more to life,

that there is a deeper calling within you that is waiting to be fully actualised!

But do you listen?

CAN you listen?

It is certainly the couragous heart that goes ‘counter-cultural’ and follows their intuition,

the soul calls out ‘I’m joining the circus!’, crazy right….????

but yet,

if you truly desire to experience ALL that life has to offer, ultimately there is a simple decision to be made…..

to begin to trust

your inner knowing,

your intuitive guidance,

your inner compass,

and to have confidence that your soul has got this!

You may very well be sent in directions diametrically opposed to what you think SHOULD DO,

but when listening to the soul’s voice, you will be sent in directions that are exactly right for you, that will be in full alignment with your soul purpose.

It is this very inner knowing that has been so discredited, dismissed and invalidated, to the point where it can be exceedingly difficult to really TRUST it,

so then you make decisions with your head, not your heart,

which then don’t work out FOR YOU,

and then you wonder why your confidence to make good decisions is in the toilet!

But if you long to have the confidence to put your vision, passions, and purpose FIRST in your life,

where you can fully GO FOR IT and experience the joy of success on your terms,

this is where you get to listen to your inner knowing, and be guided by your innate preferences.

This is your opportunity to be FULLY NOURISHED and to receive what you need to feel amazing, where you can break the rules that no longer serve you, and to rise into FULL SOVEREIGNTY in your own life.

It really starts with loving yourself enought to LISTEN to what your inner self has to say, what your soul has to say, knowing that it is your soul who TRULY has your best interests at heart.

Now that is Ultimate Soul Confidence!

Have an amazing day



PS: If this is singing to you, then I have something AMAZING coming your way very soon that will help you rise up into greater levels of



and Joy as you create success on your terms!

If you are ready to unapologetically put your vision, passions, and purpose first and to experience the embodied confidence that comes from knowing you are capable, powerful and creative then this is NOT TO BE MISSED!!

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Disclaimer:  This information is in no way intended to replace psychological treatment should you be suffering from clinical depression and anxiety and be in need of personalised, individual therapy.  This information can be used as an adjunct to your therapy and you can feel free to raise it with your therapist should you have one.  If you are in any way suicidal, please contact your therapist or emergency support services.


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