Purpose as life itself!!

19 Jun, 2019

I really wonder what is happening with this purpose piece?

I wonder where ARE the people at?

Why isn’t EVERYONE stepping up into their purpose?

To me there is NOTHING that is more important than this work,

Purpose work…..

And I am deeply perplexed as to HOW this work is not self-evident?!!

How is it that it is NOT the driving force for EVERYONE in their life?

To me, it is INCONCEIVABLE not to have




at the core of my life.

I just don’t get how the desire for a higher and better life CAN NOT be at the CORE of

who you are,

how you are in the world!!

Now that’s not to say that I haven’t ever been caught up in my own loyal little soldier,

doing what I thought was right,

doing what I thought I HAD TO DO!!

Absolutely, I spent many years doing what I thought was right,

and actually self-perpetuating a paradigm that was


And limiting,

And suffocating!

But I was always, always ALWAYS reaching for the highest and best opportunity and options that I had available to me at the time,

It was never NOT going to happen,

It was never NOT going to be a thing in my life,

Because it is who I am,

It’s how I am,

It’s what drives me!

To be of SERVICE,

To do some good in the world,

And that’s always been with me, the deep desire to do some good in the world,

To play my part,

To be of service

To contribute.

Its always been there,

and to me,

Its INCONCEIVABLE to think of wasting away my life on something that in NOT my purpose!

It doesn’t mean that I have always CLARITY,

It doesn’t mean that I have always been CERTAIN,

But I’ve always been certain of my COMMITMENT,

I’ve always been certain that I am committed to being the best me that I can be,

And not for anybody else,

But for the INTEGRITY,

My deep inner integrity that I have

as a sacred contract,

with my SOUL!

So, this is between me and my soul,

and why I’m here…….


Yes, it’s why I’m here…..

But it’s more……

why would I WANT to be doing anything else?

Why would I want to be doing anything else that is NOT MY PURPOSE?


Yeah, I can remember times when I was hiding,

When I was not living up to my full potential,


I knew I was copping out,

But I was afraid,

I knew that I was copping out,

but I thought that I could get away with it!

I probably did think that for many years, that I could get away with it,

But I KNEW….

There was always the hidden observer that was there, saying that this is NOT YOU!

This is NOT how it is meant to be,

This is not you fully actualized, you fully realized,

and I always knew deep down that on some level I wasn’t playing full out,

I was cheating myself, really,

I was cheating the world, yeah, sure,

But more importantly, I was cheating MYSELF of a life filled with


And purpose,


Connection to people,

Connection to things that matter,

Connection to higher purpose,

Connection to……

what is it….!!????


What is that thing…..?….

Yes, that’s it…!!!


The joy of being ALIVE

The joy of being connected to your LIFE FORCE,

This is REALLY what we are talking about here, when we are talking about PURPOSE,

What we are really



Talking about here is

A connection to your life force

A connection to your LIFE ENERGY!

So, what are we talking about here when we are talking about purpose?

It is actually a connection to BEING ALIVE,

Connecting to life itself!!!


if we were to want to get REAL about purpose,

We have to get real about WHAT IT REALLY IS…

Which is connection to life itself!!

And I remember those times when I was hiding ,

I remember those times when I was copping out,

I remember those times and I know my ENERGY suffered,


I know my energy was SHUT DOWN,

And because everyone around me was shut down it didn’t look so WEIRD,

Whereas NOW….

When I look at myself from all those years ago,

I can SEEEEE how shut down I was,

How stuck in a role that I was,

how DISCONNECTED from my life force I was,

How disconnected from my life energy…….

How disconnected from LIFE ITSELF I really was!

It is an absolute TRAVESTY,


A delight!

A travesty because I was EVER stuck there,

But a delight that I have now BROKEN FREE from that, so I can live as my highest and best self,

So I can live deeply anchored into my SOUL

And deeply anchored into my purpose,

Which is LIFE ITSELF!!!

So…. I wonder if you REALLY KNEW,

at the deepest level,

that if you remain disconnected from your purpose,

then you will FOREVER remain disconnected from LIFE ITSELF?

I wonder if THIS would be enough to get this show on the road?

I wonder if THIS would be the proverbial fire-cracker up the ass, that would get you running so faithfully towards your purpose that you would just never stop!!

I wonder……..

love and light, 

and remember to make today AMAZING!!





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Disclaimer:  This information is in no way intended to replace psychological treatment should you be suffering from clinical depression and anxiety and be in need of personalised, individual therapy.  This information can be used as an adjunct to your therapy and you can feel free to raise it with your therapist should you have one.  If you are in any way suicidal, please contact your therapist or emergency support services.


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