Prosperity now, thank you!!

2 Jul, 2019

Prosperity consciousness…….

What is it, and how do we get some?!

This is the question on just about everyone’s mind, I reckon, given that we live in a culture that values MONEY so highly,

with the transition somewhere along the line where money has become synonymous with prosperity,

where we have come to be defined by societal and political forces as consumers rather than CITIZENS!!

With the forces of consumerism deliberately increasing our awareness that there is always MORE STUFF TO BUY, is it any wonder that feelings of emptiness and meaninglessness tend to pervade the lives of so many, not to mention significantly limiting your flow of wealth and prosperity!!

Unless we STOP and QUESTION,

What is going on here?

What are the forces that are at play, and what purpose do they serve?

and so very importantly….

How does this way of being in the world impact your AVAILABILITY TO PROSPERITY?

Unless you step into the mystery, it is very difficult to resist this indoctrination and hypnosis, ESPECIALLY when you don’t have anything to replace it with….

and this mindset WILL significantly sabotage your efforts to experience Divine Prosperity – the Abundance of your SOUL!!

These patterns of consumerism are now so deeply ingrained that for most people they have become ‘taken for granted, with the prevailing cultural paradigm driving thoughts like

There is not enough to go around so dominate or lose,

Save/ hoard your money just in case…….

Have a ‘safe career’ so that you always have that to fall back on,

In this economy…….(state your threat)…. with resulting fear!

ALLLL of this obviously relates far more to scarcity consciousness, but we are TOLD that this is the way to experience prosperity!?

When you begin to get a little curious about prosperity, wealth and abundance,

and you accept that whatever you are creating in your life comes first from WITHIN YOU,

Then we absolutely get to be curious,

Like, I mean TENACIOUSLY curious,


to squirrelling out the forces that have been at play in your life……

to uncovering the seeds that have been planted in your mind,

at times so deeply that they play out automatically and unconsciously,

that have been controlling your availability to prosperity!

And I say availability, because it is a TRUTH that there is no scarcity – eeek…..

This might sound radical, (although I am sure that you have heard it before),

But I ask you,


It is hard to TRULY believe, because we have been told that scarcity DOES EXIST,

and this likely comes from many sources,

but most importantly it has likely come down your family line,

where well meaning ancestors have laid down a program that has made scarcity REAL for you,

Where it has become a truth that scarcity does exist!!

And it is one of the CRAZIEST things within this current dominant paradigm,

that means that even if you are one of the ‘resource rich’, comparative to those around you, that you can STILL experience fears of scarcity and lack!

What does this mean??

In real terms it means that no amount of money will change the vacuous feelings inside of you that tell you

There is not enough,

You are not provided for,

You are not safe, loved and SUPPORTED…..

Essentially money will not change your prosperity consciousness!

Prosperity consciousness is an inside job and STARTS with you deconstructing your ancestral ‘inheritance’ –

Your BELIEFS about wealth,

You FEELINGS about prosperity,

Essentially your abundance CODING that lives within you on a CELLULAR LEVEL!

Because when things change internal to you,

When you remember your truth,

When you reclaim your birthright of SOULFUL ABUNDANCE,

This is when you will start to see things anew,

Where your lived experience will change,

and all of a sudden you will be surrounded by prosperity everywhere!

This is when you experience a deep shift in your PROSPERITY CONSCIOUSNESS,

where you come to recognize (and fully accept) that scarcity is something that has been done TO YOU,

it is one of the largest social experiments likely ever done to humanity,

with the reality being that very few actually benefiting from the paradigm,

because even those who objectively ‘win’, continue to feel hollow, lacking and empty because WEALTH does not have a dollar figure,

Wealth is a PERCEPTION,

Wealth is something that you ARE,

Wealth is a state of BEING,

And once you EMBODY WEALTH as who you are,

Who you always were,

You step into an entirely new truth,

And this truth is

Deeply nourishing,

Completely sustainable,

Eco-centric, Soul-centric, humanity-centric – in the truest sense of the terms!!

It does mean diving deeply into your rebel,

Where you come to reject a paradigm that does not serve you or Gaia,

Where you come to redefine that wealth MEANS TO YOU, because this is entirely subjective,

And you have the courage to open up to the POSSIBILITY that wealth is available to you right now…..

where you get to step into FAITH

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”
Hebrews 11.1

You can come to recognize that prosperity is not seen, NOT because it is not there to be seen, but because it is being filtered out by a system designed to do exactly this!!

If you felt perfect, whole and complete, right now – what would happen to our capitalist-consumer based society?


Buckminster Fuller was talking about this abundance paradigm in the 1970’s when he said:

“Technology has mostly eliminated scarcity. We live in a time now of great abundance, but where almost all of it is concentrated in the hands of a relative few. Artificial scarcity is what we see now, and it is the result of fear, ignorance, and greed”.

This gets to be a mindset shift that we all commit to making,

But it is far more than this!

It gets to be a shift in your whole way of BEING in the world,

To the point where it becomes an EMBODIED TRUTH,

A truth that accepts wealth, abundance and prosperity are experiences that are available to you right now,

And as you create this shift in consciousness,

It changes you on a CELLULAR LEVEL,

And this then creates a shift in your energetic field,

which then changes your entire reality!

This is how it works,

it must change from WITHIN YOU FIRST!

This is universal law and there is no other way.

So the invitation then becomes an invitation to unhook from inter-generational programming related to scarcity and fear,

Where you get to take that leap of faith, the ultimate shift in CONSCIOUSNESS,

that will allow you to hospice out the old paradigm, and midwife in the new, to paraphrase Lynne Twist,

which is to experience an economy born out of collaboration and compassion, involving you and me,

a consciousness of true abundance where everyone can experience bountiful prosperity and wealth.

And this is where it gets really quite counter-intuitive,

And it tends to run against what we hear most about manifesting abundance,

So stay with me here…..

Which is to say that when you LET GO of the one thing that you THINK you need in order to feel abundant (read trust in the universe that you are always provided for)

When you let go of the IDEA that there is only ONE THING that will allow you to feel abundant (you can feel the scarcity in this idea right!)

When you acknowledge the MULTIPLE SOURCES OF PROSPERITY that are available to you right now,

This is when you elevate your frequency to be compatible with the wealth and prosperity you were ‘trying’ so hard to create from the scarcity paradigm.

Essentially, in order to manifest the prosperity you desire, you get to create the consciousness that supports this FIRST,

Then the rest will FLOOOWWWW,

Once you have made this critical shift, then you open up to creating from ease, grace, gratitude and love

Because THESE ARE THE STATES that are compatible with prosperity, so they get to come first, turning you into a powerful magnet for ALLL that is in your Divine Flow!!

And so it is,

Have an amazing day,




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Disclaimer:  This information is in no way intended to replace psychological treatment should you be suffering from clinical depression and anxiety and be in need of personalised, individual therapy.  This information can be used as an adjunct to your therapy and you can feel free to raise it with your therapist should you have one.  If you are in any way suicidal, please contact your therapist or emergency support services.


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