No thanks limitation, I’m ready for EXPANSION!

29 Jun, 2019

Are you feeling the energy?!

The expansion energy that is FREELY FLOWING at the moment….???

I am so excited to be tuned into this expansion frequency,

Excited and yes……

also experiencing a little trepidation….

Tuning into the inner knowing that as I approach the very edge of a growth curve…..

there is NOTHING surer than things will get a little bumpy…

and I know this because it has started ALREADY!

Because the start of any growth always starts INTERNALLY,

The recognition that you have now outgrown the shell,

You are ready to expand…






ALLLL levels and dimensions of growth are always invited in,

And yet, for me, we always get to start with the human realm – the inner blocks and barriers that have created your current circumstances….

Which, by the way, don’t have to be BAD for you to desire change,

(In fact, this is in itself a barrier – the misconception that things need to be bad for you to make a change – we can be more optimistic that this!!),

When you are TUNED IN to the frequencies of the universe, you will intuitively feel the draw towards EXPANSION as a way of life,

Because this is the ESSENCE of the universe itself,




And so…..

Yes, excitement,

and also the inner rumblings that are the early indicators that things are already shifting internally!

(ego-death AGAIN…really!? Yup!)

For me it often seems to revolve around WORTH…..

and the sneaky ideas that come in and try to undermine my deep commitment to growth and expansion,

a commitment that arises from my intimate connection with the divine project….

And yet, still

there are the thoughts….

What you have created in your life to date is  now somehow inadequate (ipso facto, you are inadequate!!),

Why haven’t you achieved this (brand-new thing) already,

You REALLY must be broken to find yourself here AGAIN!

Nice huh!?!

And I wonder if you can relate…..????

I wonder if you too are familiar with the inner rumblings of the visionary, revolutionary, trail blazer?

The ones who are always looking to experience MORE of life,

To contribute more and more of themselves to the world,

To experience life in the most expansive way…..

While the dreamers are gifted with ALLLLL the excitement that comes from being connected to the big creative project that is life,

They are also the ones who are most challenged by feelings of inadequacy,

Because they are so intimately acquainted with how much more there is to




And this then awakens the vulnerability to feeling that they are not doing enough!!

This is something that I am SOOOO aware of right at this point in time,

Because as I step into expansion,

Towards my next level of joy, purpose and ABUNDANCE,

I know that the most important thing that I can do for myself is to


Care about me,

Care about my well-being,

Care about the extent to which my inner critics are running the show, rather than my divine light!!

All of this requires CONSCIOUSNESS,

And a commitment to doing it differently!

To focus more on BEING, rather than the busyness of doing…..

I have created HEAPS with my over-achieving doing mode (yes, read ego)!

Sure my inner critics have ensured that I have experienced an element of worldly success, through push, hustle, force, FEAR!




Did it really make the difference that I know is the only TRUE DIFFERENCE anyone can make in the world…..

that being to bring more and more LOVE and LIGHT into the world?

did it REALLY help to elevate the CONSCIOUSNESS of the planet?

did it help to unite humanity in PEACE and LOVE?

I can honestly say, NO, not to the full extent that it COULD!

Yes, I created a bunch of things that objectively I can be proud of,

But internally I know, that the one that I am truly to be accountable to….

My creator,

I know that my creator knows, that it came from ego and fear,

and anything that is created by ego and fear does not bring more love and light to the world!

And so, yes it has gotten me to here, so it’s by no means WASTED,

But the sooner I found a better way,

a way that accomplishes BOTH GOALS,

the sooner my vision started to really work through me, allowing me to bring more and more love and light into the world!

Win, win, win, win, win, really😊

As soon as I made that realization and made the shift,

I started to experience a whole new level of impact, being able to bring forward my gifts into the world to catalyse a paradigm shift in my own life, and for those with whom I work with….

Now, what is this shift exactly?

It is the shift from ego-centric creation that focussed on my goals and life,

To a SOUL-CENTRIC way of being in the world that focusses on something far bigger than myself!

It is the shift from achieving goals, to REALIZING VISIONS!!

If we are looking at growth, and you were able to make ONLY ONE CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE, EVER,

Then the shift from ego-centric to SOUL-CENTRIC is the one to make!

Of course, this involves many smaller changes that gradually align you to this ‘bigger than you’




and if you make this one shift,

and then contribute from this soul-centric place from THEN ON,

and you go on to influence ONE PERSON from this place of GRACE,

then this will be enough!!

This is the paradigm shift that is happening right here, right now,

the expansion rumbles that I’m feeling, my clients are feeling,

and this is the TRULY exiting piece,

that this is a COLLECTIVE UPLEVEL towards creating from a place of grace, love, and joy!

This is the movement towards a more evolved and enlightened humanity, planet and universe!

And so what happens to all of the inner rumblings,

what happens to the ‘human realm’ issues of inadequacy, unworthiness, uncertainty??

THIS is where it can all dissolve – because you are no longer focussed on

yourself and how you look,

or the status you might lose if you ‘fail’,

or the feelings of worthlessness that might arise when you don’t meet your own expectations,


You know that simply by operating from SOUL,

With the intention to be a force for good in the world….

Then no matter what the OUTCOME,

you have made the only difference that is worth making,

Bringing more love,


And HEART into the world!


It is the true purpose for anything that you get to do in your life,

and at this point you know and fully accept that no matter what the world might say about your achievements,

that you are in FULL INTEGRITY with your creator!

You can say, hand on your heart, that you have made the difference you were BORN TO MAKE,

Which is to be a force for good,

A channel for love and light,

To raise the vibrational frequency of the planet so that we can collectively evolve and ascend in alignment with the expansion of the universe!

This is an inner integrity that brings an inner peace that has no rival,


It is being in ALIGNMENT with your SOUL MISSION,


Most importantly…..

it is ultimately you being FULLY HONEST with your CREATOR – that you are doing the work that you came here to do!

Because you and I both know that there is no hiding when it comes to this!!

The best we can ever do is to align our actions with our highest values – what you KNOW to be most important to YOUR SOUL,

and to act from here as much as you can,

to do your VERY BEST, from this place,

and to TRUST that everything will be taken care of BECAUSE you are have honoured that which you are here to do,

Your soul devotion,

You soul mission,

You soul purpose!

There is truly nothing else to be, do, or have!

And so it is😊

Have an amazing day, stepping into your soul devotion (and letting the human concerns dissolve away!!)

Love and light






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Disclaimer:  This information is in no way intended to replace psychological treatment should you be suffering from clinical depression and anxiety and be in need of personalised, individual therapy.  This information can be used as an adjunct to your therapy and you can feel free to raise it with your therapist should you have one.  If you are in any way suicidal, please contact your therapist or emergency support services.


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