More money will not solve your money problems!!

26 Jun, 2019

This is a post that is coming from deep within me,

the deepest place possible really – the survival place – that is revealing the deep MYSTIFICATION,

The trance-like state….

that the consumer and capitalist paradigm has enacted upon humanity,

where money has become synonymous with



and survival!

When we explore what this mystification actually does to people, it reveals that the paradigm creates

lives lived in FEAR,

lives lived chasing the mighty dollar,

lives where it feels like there is never enough,

because worth or wealth is measured by the amount of money you have in your bank account, which places your basic human need for safety and security OUTSIDE OF YOU,

and it is placed into and onto something that we have ENTIRELY INVENTED,

something that is SYMOBOLIC of value, not valuable in itself!!

Money is ONLY worth something because we BELIEVE it is worth something,

and the truth of the story is that its not the money ITSELF that’s valuable, we give it that worth…..

money is really only a tool for exchange,

and it is the really the EXCHANGE that are after,

which means what exactly????

It means that the value lies in the goods and services that are the purpose of the exchange in the first place…..

Which means that we get to look to what is BELOW the money,

to be curious about the things that we are exchanging FOR the money,

and to explore the perceptions of worth and value of these things!

We can do this in two ways,

The most common way is to look at the things that you wish to purchase with your money.

What you FEEL OR BELIEVE these things will bring to you…..

What would more money

give to you,

bring to you,

add to your life?

This is important but yet, only one side of the equation….

as there is another way of looking at abundance and prosperity consciousness,

the road less travelled as it were…..

Which is where we get to be curious at the earning piece….

What are GIVING to the world to bring forward all that you desire to manifest?

When you look at the EARNING side of the question, we are really asking two questions:

What are the goods and services that you are OFFERING?


How much do you believe that THIS HAS VALUE?


Essentially, you are asking how much do you BELIEVE in the value of your ‘goods and services’,

which really means your gifts and talents,

which actually means the TRUE ESSENCE OF YOU!?

Because if you don’t believe,



On a cellular level,

that your innate, divinely bestowed gifts and talents have value to the world…..

that they are going to change peoples’ lives significantly,

then you are essentially UNDERVALUING yourself and your offerings (and buying into a mistruth!)

We really need to look here FIRST, your inner connection to your value,

because if you habitually undervalue your offerings,

downplaying your soul essence,

playing small and hiding the gifts that have been given to you,

then you RECEIVE at this precise level, and everything you have in your life will need to be organsied around this level of receiving.

If you believe you are worth 100k per year, then this is what you will accept, and everything will need to fit in around this perception.

It’s simple mathematics!

But its more than this……

If you undervalue your offerings to the world, what you desire will become UNAVAILABLE to you, or will be restricted, because you are not ALLOWING THE FLOW OF ENERGY to take place!

Now this is physics!!

If the things that you WANT are valued more highly than the things that you GIVE,

this creates a distorted FLOW OF ENERGY!

Now let’s be clear, I’m not saying that you don’t value GIVING, I know that everyone I work with is absolutely a GIVER, normally to a fault.

The distinction that I am making here is

Do you truly,



On a heart and soul level,


Do you see your gifts and offerings as something that makes a SIGNIFICANT difference in the world,

where the world is BEREFT without what you have to offer,

where you see that you have something that is deeply impactful to the very fabric of existence????

When you value your work and your offerings in this deep and meaningful way,

where you see them as ESSENTIAL to the well-being of HUMANITY,


Because YES, you will at this point receive wealth, money and prosperity in exchange for your gifts that you are now will to share BECAUSE you see them as valuable,


Wealth is so much MORE than the money you will receive,

this is in fact secondary to the INNER SHIFT,

because when you truly, deeply value your offerings to the world,

valuing your GIFTS…..

what you have is DIGNITY…



The kind of self-worth and LOVE that comes from deep within YOU,

and when you have THIS, then nothing else really matters, because you KNOW that you are so deeply taken care of,

You are so LOVED,

Exactly as you are right now!

When you receive this love, this unconditional love, you feel held by the universe as a loving force for good in your life,

and it’s when you get to this point,

and you TRUST IT,


Where you know that your gifts are divinely inspired and cosmically sanctioned,

That they are of enormous value and are in fact NECESSARY to the functioning of the universe itself,

You have accessed and connected to your inherent worth!!

When you value THIS, yourself and your gifts, as much as you value life itself,

and you value bringing this forward into the world as much as you value life itself,



it is at THIS POINT that you will start to receive the wealth, abundance and money that you desire,

and not because you have chased after it…..

but because you have let go of it as a source of self-definition!

You have let go of it being the most important thing,

THE THING that you have to have,

Because if you are chasing it and you so desperately want it,

It will run away from you!

You will become like the repelling force of the magnet,

Because wanting it means that it doesn’t exist already in your life, and therefore it will be unavailable to you,

And because money is invented, you don’t manifest money per se,

You ALIGN with the energy of prosperity which then attracts ALLLL things associated with prosperity, which includes, but is not limited to, MONEY!

And the way you do this is to believe in yourself first,

to believe in the VALUE of your gifts,

and to KNOW that these gifts were given to you SO THAT you can create all that you need in your life!!

You come to know and trust that wealth and worth are right here, right now, and are available to you in each and every moment the minute you recognise your inherent worth,

you know that you are valuable,

you know that you have something to offer the world,

and you BELIEVE IT,

and you then ACT ON IT to contribute your magical medicine to the world to make your impact!

This is where you naturally let go of money being the thing that defines you and your worth,

and you begin to appreciate your own worth that you were born with,

where you fully accept the sacred mission that is coded within you and you AGREE to bring this forward into the world!!

And so it is!!

Let the transformation begin:)

Have an amazing day stepping into your true value and divinely inspired prosperity!

Much love






Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay 



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Disclaimer:  This information is in no way intended to replace psychological treatment should you be suffering from clinical depression and anxiety and be in need of personalised, individual therapy.  This information can be used as an adjunct to your therapy and you can feel free to raise it with your therapist should you have one.  If you are in any way suicidal, please contact your therapist or emergency support services.


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