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5 Jun, 2019

There was a time in my life when I had lost my voice,

I could hardly speak to anyone, except those I knew well,

I so desperately wanted to connect with others, but I felt trapped inside of myself and I had no idea how to get out.

I hesitate to write about this, this is an old story that I would much prefer to remain in the archives;

The old fear that this will be judged, the fear being perceived as a weakness, runs very deep.


despite this hesitation,

I still share my story because this is what is flowing through me right now,

and I have learned to trust and know that despite my fear, there is something bigger than my fears working through me,


I can see this fear in so many other too,

and I wonder if you can relate…..

Fear that grips you in the throat causing you to stifle your beautiful voice,

Fear that stops you from sharing ALL that is inside of you,

A fear that will ultimately steal your dreams and leave your vision unrealized in this lifetime,

Because it nearly did this to mine!

I share this story to tell you a little of where I have come from,

AND to share a message of hope,

That if this IS YOU, and you have a limiting story that you are telling yourself about

Not having what it takes to live your dreams,

That you don’t have the confidence to share yourself with the world,

That you wouldn’t DARE to go after what is inside of you because fear has you in its claws!!

I share this with you to let you know sincerely, that if this IS YOU,

Then it doesn’t need to be!!

I was once gripped by a similar fear,

Being so concerned with what others thought of me,

Being SO GOOD at following the rules,

Being terrific at playing small and hiding in the shadows,

And I was at serious risk of missing the boat to the fulfillment of the divine plan for my life!

While I believe that all is perfect and well,

And things were just what they needed to be,

It was the case that until and unless I changed something VERY SIGNIFICANT,

then the plan for my life would have been left unrealized,

my life would have been half-lived,

the trapped feeling that I had,

the feeling that I was not being myself,

that I was some sort of IMPOSTER,

would have remained,

Or more likely….

Gotten worse!!

There was much that I tried to move through my fears,

but it wasn’t until I changed this ONE THING,

this one orienting principle,

that my life turned around.

Now you might think, surely it can’t be that easy!!

And I would agree with you,

No, it wasn’t EASY,

But did it call me to action?

Did it get my tail-feather shaking?

Did it give me MOMENTUM like nothing else before it?


Now you heard me mention confidence, right?

And this is what I THOUGHT I needed, and much of what you read will tell you this!!

But, I am sure you will agree that when you think of it this way,

Confidence is something that you have,

Or you don’t!!

And in our culture, it is the privileged few who have it,

And the rest of us, just need to struggle along and WISH that we had it.

Because I had this vision working through me, this was not acceptable as an outcome, and so I researched

And researched

And applied,

And researched some more,


Until I started to piece together a formula that has helped me skyrocket my satisfaction and success in both business and life,

Where I now spend my days doing work I LOVE, connecting easily with amazing people throughout the world,

Where I KNOW that I am on purpose, and fulfilling the divine plan for my life,

Where I spend my days in a state of ease and flow, where I can give myself, my family and my community what is needed to be fully nourished and joy-filled.

What I found and connected with,

What was deep within me,

Beyond all the principles and strategies (which are important but are NOT THE FULL PICTURE),

Beyond all the mind-chatter and ego-based story-telling,

What I remembered was SOUL CONFIDENCE!

Soul confidence is the kind of confidence that comes directly from your SOUL,

Where you trust you are being guided towards the highest fulfillment of your plan,

Where you KNOW that your Soul has GOT THIS,

Where you can feel CONNECTED to the ‘more than human world’,

and this gives you powers to co-create that you could NEVER experience when merely creating from within the human flesh-suit!

I know that all the psychological principles for expansion and growth are PART of the picture,


Until I developed an intimate and beautiful relationship with my Soul,

until I connected with my Soul purpose,

until I connected with a vision that was FAR BIGGER than any of my human fears,

I found that I was spinning my wheels!!

Psychology is certainly well-intended, and it is very valuable in certain situations,

and exploration of your values (what is MOST important to you) is something that most psychologists will now routinely do,

but what psychology FAILS TO FOCUS ON,


The thing that I know made the BIGGEST difference for me,

Is the connection to something OUTSIDE OF YOU,

Discovering your place within the community of existence,

Where you come to KNOW the plan for your life that is pre-determined, coded within your DNA,


You come to accept the responsibility that YOU HAVE in stepping up to the plate,

and at least giving it YOUR BEST SHOT to bring ALLLLL that is inside of you,


Now that might seem a little harsh,

That it is your RESPONSIBILITY….

But if it is not YOURS,

Then who else can do it for you?

Now the AWESOME thing is,

Is that you don’t have to figure it all out,

You don’t have to fake it until you make it,

You don’t have to rip the bandaid off!!

You just need to have the FORMULA RIGHT,

And THEN you can follow the formula and you fall right into the divine plan for your life!

Does this mean that you won’t experience discomfort?

Doe this mean that you won’t experience fear?

Does this mean that you will always have the answers?


Expecting this is like expecting that you will get fit without exercising!!

However, what you can expect is that the challenge that you take on


That the rewards will be AMAZING,

And you will feel a deep sense of satisfaction, knowing that you are fulfilling your PURPOSE here in this life;

You will be able to sleep easily at night, knowing you are ON PURPOSE!

A life without challenge really is like a life without breath,

What we have come to fear is the very thing that gives us LIFE,

And so,

If you have a formula for SOUL CONFIDENCE to follow,

Where the challenges you accept will be EXACTLY RIGHT FOR YOU,

Where you are investing in doing the things that are WORTH DOING,

That you know how to receive the love and support to nourish you along the way,

That you can be DECISIVE because you know where you are going,

THEN you can expect a life of ever expanding GOOD,

where you can make the contribution to the world that you KNOW is inside of you,

where you can live with the joy and fulfillment that comes from living in alignment with your soul blueprint!!

Now, THAT is a life worth living, wouldn’t you agree?

So much love to you,




 PS:  I am Soooo excited to share with you my 


In this FREE CHALLENGE I will share with you my formula for experiencing confidence that comes from your SOUL,

where you can continue to feel confident when things work out,

and when they don’t,

where you can connect with your intuitive guidance to KNOW the aligned steps to realize the plan for your life,

where you can make decisions EASILY because you know what is WORTH DOING!!

This is going to be AMAZING,

and I sincerely hope that you are ready to RECEIVE the loving invitation,

because this is where  it all starts,

and because you deserve to realize your dreams and live the joy of being on purpose!!

Please join me:)



Toni-Anne is a Spiritual Success Coach for the Soulful Woman, helping you dive deeply into your true self to experience soul aligned success on your terms!!

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Disclaimer:  This information is in no way intended to replace psychological treatment should you be suffering from clinical depression and anxiety and be in need of personalised, individual therapy.  This information can be used as an adjunct to your therapy and you can feel free to raise it with your therapist should you have one.  If you are in any way suicidal, please contact your therapist or emergency support services.


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