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Prosperity now, thank you!!

Prosperity consciousness....... What is it, and how do we get some?! This is the question on just about everyone’s mind, I reckon, given that we live in a culture that values MONEY so highly, with the transition somewhere along the line where money has become...

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No thanks limitation, I’m ready for EXPANSION!

Are you feeling the energy?! The expansion energy that is FREELY FLOWING at the moment….??? I am so excited to be tuned into this expansion frequency, Excited and yes…… also experiencing a little trepidation…. Tuning into the inner knowing that as I approach the very...

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More money will not solve your money problems!!

This is a post that is coming from deep within me, the deepest place possible really – the survival place – that is revealing the deep MYSTIFICATION, The trance-like state…. that the consumer and capitalist paradigm has enacted upon humanity, where money has become...

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What is it about authenticity??!

What is it about authenticity...??? We here so much talk of it these days, It seems anyone who is anyone is talking about what it means to 'be authentic', with people being called out if they are not being 'authentic enough', with so much finger pointing and shaming...

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Purpose as life itself!!

I really wonder what is happening with this purpose piece? I wonder where ARE the people at? Why isn’t EVERYONE stepping up into their purpose? To me there is NOTHING that is more important than this work, Purpose work….. And I am deeply perplexed as to HOW this work...

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How to manifest abundance, when you’re in scarcity!!

How conscious are you of your ‘scarcity mode’? Do you know when scarcity mode has been activated within you? Are you aware of the impact that this is having on your results, bearing in mind that we are ALWAYS manifesting, whether you are doing this consciously or...

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