Under the Bodhi Tree

My mission

My mission is to spark a global movement where women can breakthrough cultural conditioning that keeps them playing small, hiding in the shadows and living in fear, where they can fully embrace their feminine power, claim their authentic self, and realise their highest vision for themselves in this life, giving women the power to unapologetically live lives of adventure, true happiness and SOUL PURPOSE.

I believe that women are amazingly capable and powerful beings that have an emotionally intelligent contribution to make to the world that is desperately needed at this point in our lives here on earth.

I believe that Western women now have access to power and resources that our foremothers could only dream for, and it is our responsibility to step into this power to contribute our feminine voices to the conversation and be integral in creating a sustainable future where all life is valued equally.

I believe that it is an AWESOME time in history to be a woman where we now have an unprecedented capacity to make a deep and enduring difference in the world!

It is my mission to give you EVERYTHING YOU NEED

To fully access and actualise your feminine power, so you can achieve success as a woman without having to resort to ‘doing it like a man’

To give you the ‘inner scaffolding’ required to achieve success on your terms so you can feel fully capable and know your true worth, without falling into disempowered states where you feel like you are floundering, dependent, and incompetent,

To bring you home to your authentic self so you can actualise your SOUL PURPOSE, the unique contribution to the world that only YOU can make!

Are you an aspirational woman who is ready to rise?

Who I work with

I work with women who are no longer satisfied with playing small and hiding in the shadows.

I work with women who are ready to breakthrough limitation and build a deep and lasting connection with their authentic self.

I work with women who are ready to rise up into new levels of leadership, feminine power and soul purpose.

If you are ready to be unapologetically you, and you know that actualising your soul purpose is your very reason for being, well then sister, I work with YOU!

Here Under the Bodhi Tree you are provided with the pathway to begin to consciously and deliberately directionalise your life –

opening you up to living your life, by your design –

where you can have enduring happiness as a lived experience – FOR YOU.

This I believe is possible for you,

This I truly want for you,

This I know you can have,

and so here is your invitation to come and JOIN US and start the process of personal transformation!

The only question you will need to answer for yourself is:

Do you want to be happy?


Please know that Bodhi will always start with YOU,